Its a good place to get more confident and it takes the stress of trying to find a job because you get help.


Right Track is absolutely brilliant for young school leavers to help get ready for a job or get a job, also helps young people know what to expect in the workplace.


You don't move about classes, it's not like school. It's a smaller group and you get more help.


I have calmed down a lot since being here.


Since starting Right Track I know I am behaving in a more mature way. I am treated as an adult and this makes me feel good. I have proved School wrong as I have achieved my Numeracy and ICT Award and I think I will leave with more qualifications.


Dazzle was great, the time flew in. I have made so many friends and feel so confident.


Right Track has helped build my confidence. I feel I can deal with things now. I am also getting into a routine with my time-keeping and attendance. They really help you.


I haven't been here long but I am getting good experience and talking about a lot of important things.


I wasted a lot of time at the beginning but the staff stuck by me and now I am a telephonist, I have my own money and am really enjoying my job.


Challenge Life was great, it set me up for going to Placement and then for real work.


Staff are kind. I had personal family problems and the staff listened. They understood what was happening.


Right Track helped me sort out my life. I never thought I would get a job.


Staff helped me with everything. I could never have done an Application and now I work in a Painter and Decorator's.


They always give you a second chance, that's important.


I was so frightened of interviews. If it was not for the help Right Track gave me and the confidence I would never have got my Modern Apprenticeship.


I could never do maths and spelling, now I can and I have a laugh about it. They don't make fun of you.


Challenge Life.....it took 27 goes to finish one task but we all did it. I learned to work in a team.

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